Powder Coating Painting

It is the best protection you can provide to the surfaces of your vehicle, it is a thermoplastic transparent film, designed to protect painted surfaces from damage caused by abrasion, corrosion, chemicals or minor damage by road stones.

Protect your investment from damage such as stones, scratches, friction with another surface, this is possible with the installation of Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Powder coating wheel paint

Powder coating is an electrically-bonded powder that when sprayed, sticks to the metal of the wheels via a process called "electro-static attraction." As the atomized paint molecules are "misted" onto the wheel, they create a coating that can be baked into the surface via extreme heat with a kiln, or oven.

Powder coat wheels on a Mercedes Benz AMG 53 in gloss black with red calipers
Calipers painted in gloss red for Mercedes Benz AMG 53

Painted calipers

Stand Out With Painted Calipers. Give Your Vehicle the look of High Performance.

Emblems blackout

Black out your emblems to give your vehicle a sporty look. Primer and paint resistant spry made to last years in perfect condition.

Black out matte emblems painted for 2022 Tesla Model Y

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